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Adventures of Peyote

First Day in Rainbow Town






Canım Evladım

Mon Amour


Meet with Peyote!





Have a Wonderful Day in Rainbow Town!


 Peyote, is the son of Grimmbo, who is the drummer of world wide famous band, known as The Bremen Musicians. The Bremen Musicians have recently moved to Rainbow Town in order to give concerts in the Music Hall and help its people enjoy the music!

In his first day in Rainbow Town, Peyote goes out to discover the town and meet with his new friends. You are most welcomed to join Peyote in this great adventure and; meet with other characters with over 40 animations!



 IT really IS a BIG town TO DISCOVER!

Here are some parts of this big world:

- Enjoy meeting with new people and help them solving their problems
- Shave Peyote in the barber shop
- Drive a pumpkin Zeppelin with Peyote into the Sky to count the stars
- Ride a scooter with Peyote on the mountain roads
- Dive into the water with Peyote and discover under the seas
- Load the correct shaped containers in train station
- Find the correct colors in ice cream shop and fill ice cream cups
- Place the correct pieces to make the snowman
- Decorate the beautiful pine tree
- Many surprising characters and events
- Listen different songs
- Make your own music
- Give a concert in the music hall
- Heal Peyote in first aid room
- Help Peyote find the Dino egg in the maze
- Have biggest laughs with your family and friends
- Discover, discover and discover more in this really big world!


 - There are no adds of third parties

- There is no in game store or there are no in app items to purchase*

- As well as educational games and exercise; we designed our games to guide little ones to enjoy meeting with new friends, help them to solve their problems and show tolerance to each other with big laughs!

- Encourages your child to discover and have curiosity to the surrounding world

- Several exercises for motor development and finger muscles of your child

- Many educational games and exercises such as matching the correct shapes and colors; counting numbers, role plays as a barber or doing first aid; making music and solving maze puzzles and more

- Educational contents polished with a cartoon movie experience with over 40 animations

- No need for wi-fi or internet connection



Kidopya games are not only cartoon worlds full of fun but also educational toys, which have several tools to help your child's early development.

Kidopya games are developed by early childhood specialists, parents of preschoolers and of course with game designers and artists!

Kidopya creates educational games that kids enjoy and parents trusts.






Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education has a vital role in every little individual's life. It is a critical determinant for children who they become in the future. During this very important stage of your child, in which physical, psycho-motor, social & emotional, mental, language skills are developed; equipping your child with the necessities of the modern age is the key to raise a healthy and happy kid

A Teaching Entertainment

Learning through play is the most entertaining and productive use of your child's time. While learning is becoming most enjoyable game of your child; motor, hand-eye coordination, artistic and social skills of your child will be developed. Compared to other passive education methods; while playing with our apps, your child will be actively learning

A Modern Way to Learn

Your child will be an inevitable part of mobile technology in his social, education and work life. Early integration of her/his to this process; realises your child's adaption to modern life. Your child, who is taking his/her very first steps into life, will be learning&experiencing in a systematic&interactive but most importantly in a fun way












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*There is one time in-game purchase exception, to buy the whole game, after trial scenes in Play Store.